Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Gift from Timmy :)

I have never really been a big believer on things like this, but now, all I can say is that something happened last night, and now I am a believer.
Last night I was sleeping, and I was having a dream about my family being at a church for a fundraiser for Timmy. We had Timmy there, and I was in the back with him until we were suppose to go on stage. I saw Timmy's mouth move and it sounded like "I love you" came out of his mouth. It did not sound like Timmy whatsoever, but his mouth had moved, and so I ran and told everyone that he had spoken, but when everyone else tried to get him to talk he wouldn't.
A little bit later I was talking with Isaac (still in the dream) and I was telling him how awesome it was to see Timmy say something, and then I started to feel really strange, like I was starting to wake up. Suddenly, (in my head) I heard Timmy's voice clear as day saying "Jessie, I love you, and everything is going to be fine." Then I opened my eyes, and I felt like I hadn't just woken up, I felt like I was coming out of some sort of trans or something that I can't explain.
I couldn't stop thinking about it all day today, I even called Caitlin and told her about it and she said "I think that Timmy is very close with his spiritual side, and I think that it is very possible that it was him that was talking to you" So I went to visit Timmy, and I figured I would ask him with his yes and no cards.
When I started to ask him questions I started out simple like "Did you dream last night?" and he looked at the Yes card. Then I asked him "did you have a dream with me in it?" Yes. "Were we in a church?" Yes. "Was there a dinosaur in the dream?" No ( just making sure he wasn't just humoring me) "Did you tell me you love me in this dream?" Yes. " Timmy, did you try talking to me last night?" YES.
I couldn't help it, I had tears in my eyes, because I knew that it felt like it was really him, and I know it was. How else would we have had the same dream? It made sense to me now, I felt like the first "I love you" I heard was him TRYING, but it wasn't going through as it should have been, but then it worked. It sounds crazy, but I FELT that it was him.
The rest of the day Timmy was laughing and smiling a lot, and I felt so good that he had tried to speak to me, and it worked. I was happy to have heard his voice, and happy to know he was thinking of me, and loved me enough to try to talk to me.
I love my brother, and I honestly do believe he spoke to me last night. His voice was clear like he was in the room with me, it was unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. It warms my heart so much.