Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I guess I made a funny face?

I haven't been able to write for a while, but I went to visit Timmy on Sunday, and he did something for me :) Recently he has been following some commands such as blinking once when we ask him to. I was doing the blinking with him, and I have only seen him go up to 3 times, so I decided to try 4 times...well according to my mom I did a priceless face when Timmy blinked 4 times perfectly fine, and then he laughed at me! I guess I did a funny face huh? He had laughed at me earlier in the day, but this time was like he thought it was really funny that I was so shocked. It made me so happy to see him do that for me when he was feeling sick. He has a fever, but he didn't seem too sick when I was there. I miss him everyday, but moments like that (when he laughed at me) let me know that he is still my brother Timmy that I have always known and loved. Keep the prayers coming, they seem to be working :) Thank you to everyone who already does pray for Timmy and our family. God Bless.