Sunday, September 20, 2009

I haven't been by to see Tim for a week now. I always feel like I am letting him down when I don't make it over for a while to see him. I have been sick, otherwise I would be over there today. I hear he is laughing now, and I can't wait to tell him some of our many memories and see if he laughs at them. I miss him so much, and I know he is getting better. I read somewhere that people who are in PVS can smile, but I haven't read anything about laughing. To me, that means that he is coming out of this. It's not like it's involuntary, it's always when someone say something to him that is funny, or asks him to smile for the camera. I know he is there. I have also been told that he is making faces at the tv when the Giants aren't doing very well, which to me means that he is the same ol' Tim! In the picture above he is smiling for the camera, he looks happy in his eyes, like the same happy Timmy. It's the most of the "real Tim" that we have seen for months, so you can imagine what it did to us when we saw it. I cried. I was so happy that I actually cried, I have never had that happen to me before. I miss him so much. I can't wait for the day that he looks at us with recognition and says "hey" I want him to hold his son, he is growing up so fast and Timmy is missing out on it. I want him to have his life back.

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  1. Jessi, this is so sweet and we all miss him so very much. I agree with you that his laughing is a very positive thing and I believe soon he will be doing a lot more than that. I love you very much and am praying for everyone every day. xoxoxo